Yirong Zhang

Yirong Zhang


About Yirong Zhang

01. Why did you become a dietitian?
I became a dietitian because I have always been passionate about helping people. As a dietitian, I enjoy talking with my clients, understanding their concerns and needs, and collaborating with them to discover the most effective ways to achieve their goals.
02. Passion/Passions
I have a big passion in traveling, food and staying active. On a bright sunny day, I enjoy heading to a mountain or a beach and spending the rest of day in the ocean and exploring the surrounding views.

Favourite things to treat or special interests

My favourite things to treat are weight management and sports nutrition. I’ve always had a passion for uncovering the truth behind the myths, and there are many myths in the fields of weight management and sports nutrition. My mission as a dietitian is to promote evidence-based practices to my clients.

Favourite Food

To be honest, my favourite food frequently changes. Currently, my favourite food is hotpot.

Favourite exercise

Deadlift, hip thrust, pendlay row