Oakleigh Benson

Oakleigh Benson



Bachelor in Physiotherapy (honours)

About Oakleigh

01. Why did you become a Physio/EP/Podiatrist/Dietitian?
I first decided to become a physiotherapist because I enjoy sport but also helping people where I can. I soon realised becoming a physiotherapist would enable me to do both and more.
02. Passion(s)
I am passionate about rugby, helping others, being the best friend/family member I can be and living a healthy/active lifestyle.

Favourite Things to Treat

If I were to pick a favourite joint to treat it would be a tie between the knee and shoulder joint. I’m interested in treating meniscus tears. A meniscus is a c shaped piece of cartilage within the knee. Each knee contains two meniscus, the lateral and medial (inner and outer). The meniscus take the twisting and rotational force of both your knees. Therefore any excessive twisting or rotational force through your knee can cause a meniscus tear. Examples include sudden stopping, pivoting and squats with poor biomechanics. These tears can come in many different variations. Symptoms of a tear can include: - A popping/clicking sensation - Swelling - Stiffness - Sharp pain/pinch feeling - Difficulty straightening your knee fully - Giving way of the knee when weight bearing For meniscus tears it is encouraged to try a conservative approach before opting straight to surgery. This is because there is plenty of research suggesting conservative is effective and less invasive. I find myself often treating meniscus tears. I enjoy treating it as at every stage of rehab you can always bring a bit of variety depending on your patient and their functional level. There is not just a certain few exercises you must do. This injury can test even the most patient people, so I enjoy helping my patients through this tough time. It is especially gratifying when the patient has finished their rehab and returned to their normal state of living/sport, leaving our clinic happy and with a sense of relief.

Favourite Food

I honestly love all foods but my favourite food which I have enjoyed for a long time now is KFC.

Favourite Exercise

Personally my favourite exercise is the bench press, however my favourite exercises to teach would be bridges, shoulder press or squats.