Nikhar Dua

Nikhar Dua

Nikhar Dua

Exercise Physiologist & Clinical Pilates Instructor

About Nikhar Dua

01. Why did I become a Physiologist?
I embarked on the journey to become an Exercise Physiologist because of my unwavering passion for empowering individuals to experience a profound improvement in both their physical and mental well-being. Witnessing the remarkable capacity of exercise to reshape lives and enhance overall health and happiness was the driving force behind my choice to pursue this rewarding career.
02. What is my Passion?
My passion as an Exercise Physiologist is to be a catalyst for positive change through exercise. I find immense joy in guiding people towards their best selves, empowering them unlock their potential. My passion in life revolves around the art of connection, be it with pets, friends and family, expressing myself through dance, or creating culinary delights through cooking.

Special Interests

I have a particular focus on several areas. These include oncology, occupational rehabilitation, paediatrics, and the management of chronic diseases. Each of these specialties presents unique challenges and opportunities for me to make a meaningful impact.

Favourite Food

Hailing from a Punjabi family with a deep-rooted love for food, I have an unapologetic appreciation for a wide variety of culinary delights. My taste buds savor the perfect blend of spicy and sweet flavors. Food is a source of joy and connection in my life.

Favorite Exercise

When it comes to exercise, my personal favorite is Pilates. The combination of strength, flexibility, and mind-body connection in Pilates aligns perfectly with my holistic approach to health and fitness. I also have a strong affinity for functional training, as it offers numerous benefits and makes me feel better not just physically but also mentally.


Growing up in a household that was always graced by the presence of dogs, I've had the privilege of sharing my life with seven amazing canine companions. Unfortunately, since relocating to Australia for my studies, I haven't been able to have pets. Nevertheless, my fondness for dogs, especially the larger breeds, remains close to my heart.