Hannah Buchanan

Hannah Buchanan

Hannah Buchanan


01. About Hannah
I am the receptionist at our Surfers Paradise Clinic. I look after all things related to the Surfers Paradise Clinic! Whether it be answering the phone, processing payments, to having a good chat to all the patients in the waiting room.
02. What I Enjoy
I really enjoy cooking, it’s almost therapeutic for me. In my spare time though you’ll most likely find me with my son, or with my friends & family.

The people around me mean the most to me. I have a huge family so there is always some event happening!

Favourite Food

Ooh this is a hard one because I love all food! If I had to pick, my favourite sweet would be a good Chocolate Brownie, and my favourite savoury would definitely be a cheese platter… cheese = life!

Favourite Exercise

I’d be lying if I said I work out every day and really enjoy the leg press or something like that. But I do honestly love walking, something about it always makes me feel refreshed and just overall happy.