Carly Wilss

Carly Wilss


About Carly Wilss

01. Why did I become a Dietitian?
My journey into the field of dietetics was fueled by a dual fascination: the intricate connection between nutrition and well-being, and the profound impact of one's mental and emotional state on their eating habits. I recognised that a healthy body and mind are intertwined, and that true wellness can be achieved when both aspects are addressed. I decided to become a dietitian to bridge the gap between physical and psychological health, striving to help my clients not only make informed choices about their diet but also develop a harmonious relationship with food. It's my belief that by understanding and accepting their unique connections to food, individuals can unlock the path to healthier lives.
02. Passion/Passions
The beach, fishing, food and cooking.

Favourite things to treat or special interests

Eating disorders, disordered eating, emotional eating, restriction and overeating.

Favourite Food

Fish tacos and anything with Thai basil or Kaffir lime leaves - although any fresh foods are amazing!

Favourite exercise

When I exercise I enjoy weight training.

Pets if any

I am lucky to have two beautiful dachshunds - Otto and Floki.