NDIS Nutrition & Dietetics

What is a Dietitian?

We can offer a wide range of NDIS Dietitian services tailored to your needs. It is our mission to supply the highest quality NDIS approved diet and services to our clients. We cater to a range of cultural, religious, social, physical and family needs. In doing this, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to help our clients reach their health goals.

NDIS Nutrition & Dietetics in Morayfield

Our NDIS Dietitians Have Had Great Success Treating the Following:

Weight Loss/Weight Gain
Improved Immunity
Balanced Eating
Diabetes/Gestational Diabetes
Gastrointestinal Problems/FODMAP
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Food Allergies and Intolerances
Pregnancy and Lactation
General Healthy Eating Advice
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome/ Endometriosis
Coeliac Disease
Cardiovascular Health/cholesterol/blood pressure
Bariatric Surgery
Eating Disorders

How can we help our NDIS Participants?

Our expert nutrition advice from Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) can provide you with personalised sample meal plans, practical solutions tailored to each client’s specific requirements, ongoing education, monitoring and support. Through nutrition therapy we can assist with: food and nutrition counselling to support behavior change; advice about healthy meals or special diets; feeding therapy; building meal preparation skills; menu planning for those people with limited cooking skills, limited tastes and limited cooking facilities; shopping and budgeting skills; communication support in relation to food, nutrition and health; food label reading education and tools to help you keep on track.

NDIS Nutrition & Dietetics 

Participant Success Story

Jen, aged 34, has an acquired brain injury, she likes to be social is very independent although appreciates the assistance she has from her 3 regular carers on a daily basis. Jen initially came to see a dietitian as she wanted to lose weight, she was more reluctant to be social as she did not feel confident within herself. Her weight was 106kg in January 2020, once COVID lockdown started Jen was determined to take to opportunity to focus on her health and chose to see a dietitian via Video conference. Our dietitian worked with Jen and her carers on how she can practically meet her nutrition requirement’s keeping in mind her disability impacts. They discussed mental effects on food choices, methods of cooking healthy food without support and on a budget, offered healthy meal and snack ideas, food label reading and shopping guides etc. Jen found that working with one for two specific suggestions at a time was most helpful and recording a food diary kept her on track. Over 2.5years Jen managed to lose 32kg which now puts her in a healthy BMI range and she is feeling more confident than ever.


  • All services (travel, report writing and treatment) are billed under the one code at the same price, based on the service.
  • Travel will be billed for hydrotherapy and home visits according to time taken to and from clinic.
  • All invoices have the patient’s NDIS number, plan dates and length of appointment as per NDIA requirements

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