Manual Handling Training

What is an Ergonomic Assessment?

Every workplace is different. However, unfortunately in many cases avoiding heavy lifting is not possible due to the limitations of correct ergonomic aids, and space available in workplaces. These factors have led hazardous manual handling tasks to be the highest cause of Compensable Work-Related injuries in Australia.

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It is important for workplaces to identify these tasks (Work Site Evaluation or Task Analysis) and mitigate the risk by reducing the load, use of ergonomic aids, or environmental modifications. If the risk factor is in regards to the employee’s technique, it is also important to modify this to prevent the risk of injury.

Therefore it is important that all employees are utilizing the optimal lifting technique to prevent lower back pain and other work-related injuries. Manual Handling training is something that we are able to provide to an individual, or to a small group in order to prevent workplace characteristics from diverting away from the optimal lifting technique. Following all of these Preventative Measures, a formal or brief report can be provided depending on your needs as a workplace. All assessments are conducted by our experienced Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, and/ or Exercise Physiologists.