Job Preparation Assistance

What is an Initial needs assessment?

Injury often results in a reduced work capacity that can lead to alternative employment options being assessed. Following this assessment, job preparation and job-seeking assistance may also be required to provide the employee with the necessary skills to successfully transition to alternative employment. At Doveston Health we understand that the job searching and interview process can be diffi cult, especially considering the functional limitations that injury can cause.

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Job Preparation includes:

Vocational Assessment and counselling
Resume Review / Development
Advice on injury disclosure techniques
Interview Skills Training
Review of job search skills and job searching
Ongoing support with job applications
Research and enrollment into retraining courses to upgrade the worker’s skills (pending approval)
Opportunity for host employment to gain experience and demonstrate capacity to work

The main goal is full capacity and return to usual hours and duties. In order to achieve this we believe in regular Case Conferences to discuss the injured worker’s capacity with their Treating Medical Practitioner (TMP) and plan for a return to work. If the work duties require a greater level of capacity but the worker has been cleared by their TMP to commence suitable duties we can look at a range of Host Employers to commence work hardening and assist the worker in regaining their self-worth.