Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug & Alcohol Testing

To ensure safety in the workplace by eliminating illicit drug use and alcohol abuse, employers have the right to perform drug and alcohol testing. Whether this testing is random or part of pre-employment testing, drug and alcohol testing can help to ensure a safe work environment is provided for all employees.

Why should your workplace complete drug and alcohol testing?


Ensure employees aren’t attending work under the influence of alcohol and/or illicit drugs.


Ensure all employees are safe at work, and can perform their work tasks safely.


Create a supportive culture that promotes positive employee behaviour.


Improve productivity.


Reduce cost associated with poor or defected product and service.


Reduce the rate of absenteeism.

What does Drug and Alcohol Testing involve?

Doveston Health offers drug and alcohol testing both individually and together within our pre-employment medicals.

We offer the following:

Urine Drug and Alcohol Testing
Urine Drug and Alcohol Testing is conducted in accordance with the clients OH&S protocols, with collection usually being supervised or witnessed by the collector. Our allied health professionals are trained in the collection process and are all trained to provide this service in accordance with AS/NZS 4308:2008. This test is simple and effective, with results visually interpreted within minutes. Our collectors are also accredited to send the results to laboratory for further interpretation where required. Urine Drug and Alcohol Testing is our recommended method of collection and testing.
Saliva Drug Testing
Saliva Drug Testing is an oral fluid (saliva) based test for illicit and prescription drug use, plus alcohol use or abuse. This test is simple and discrete, with results visually interpreted within seconds. This test can at times provide limited information, but offers an alternative for specific testing where bathroom facilities are unsuitable or cultural barriers exist.
Alcohol Breathalyser Testing