Initial Consultation

At Doveston Health

We understand that when a patient books an initial consultation and they attend they are wanting to know the answers to a select few questions.


What is the diagnosis?


What is the cause?


How long will it take to treat?


How long will it take to treat?


Your Initial Appointment

To ensure you get your concerns met and you enjoy your experience we have designed our Initial Consultation to give you the correct information and guidance right from the start! We will answer all of the important questions, provide an accurate diagnosis and an explanation of how it has occurred. Your practitioner will then advise on different treatment options, to suit your lifestyle, time constraints and also budget.

We insist on our initial physiotherapy appointments being 60mins in duration as through experience quite often when initial consultations conducted on a shorter time frame this does not allow to gather all of the information required and your treatment will be impeded.

We will ensure that thoroughly assess the whole situation and make sure that we fully understand your goals in order to guide you correctly on your journey.

Your Initial Appointment will include:

A comprehensive assessment (the diagnosis and the identification of your condition’s causative factors).
Initiate Treatment (to give you some immediate improvement of your condition or injury).
An explanation of how long your recovery will take (the prognosis).
Identification of your treatment goals and treatment options
Discuss Treatment Packages available to you (the cost).
Documentation of your initial appointments findings: your diagnosis, condition/s contributory factors, your goals, assessment findings, consultation notes, and our treatment recommendation to help you get back to your physical best.