Health Packages


Recovery Package

The recovery package is for solution for patients who want short-term support, in most cases to reduce their presenting symptoms in a fast and efficient manner, for example, a quick return to sport.

We know from our many years of experience amongst our team that this doesn’t work long term and, in most cases, patient’s presenting complaint will reoccur or initial symptoms, injury, or illness may exacerbate and lead to additional complications due to poor acute management.​

Resilience Package

The Resilience Package is the most popular selection amongst our patients. This package is for proactive patients who want a genuine solution to their problem and not only to their initial presenting complaint.

If you are a patient who wishes to continue to work on prevention after the initial symptoms are resolved, then this package is perfect for you. If you initially present for one issue, but resolve that you can easily focus on other factors that may be contributing to the issue and work to bulletproof yourself from reoccurrence.


The Performance Package

The Performance Package remains a favourable selection amongst our patients. This package is for extremely dedicated and health-conscious patients who want a complete overall to their health and wellbeing.

The performance package is structured to give you as the patient the freedom to do whatever it is you wish to do. Play with the grandkids, play more golf, get back out in the garden? Then this is the package for you.